Music Ministries

Praise & Worship Team

Music Minster: Mark Holland
“Our heart is to Lift Up the Name of Jesus Christ and to Glorify Him through song. We’re not interested in entertaining (vocalizing Christ), we’re interested in (glorifying) touching the Heart of God!
Every Sunday, we want to lead the congregation to this special place in God so that we can collectively experience the supernatural that enables us to be “built up” for His service.
If we “draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to us”. In Psalms it states that “God inhabits (lives in) the praises of His people.”
Worshiping God through music also prepares our heart for His Word.”

Children’s Choir

Ages 5-11
Our vision is to have a Children’s Choir to provide the opportunity for children to express their commitment to God and be used to minister to God and the church in the realm of music. Our goal is to develop a spirit of praise and worship in each individual child as they learn that their singing can minister to troubled souls, can encourage believers, can usher in the presence of God, and is an avenue to worship God.

Adult Choir

Our Vision is to have an adult choir to glorify and lift up the name of Jesus through music.
If you have a calling in the Music Ministry, we always have room for more vocalists and musicians for the Praise Team, as well as ensembles, duets, trios, quartets, etc.