Just a Thought

My mission in this life is reaching the lost and edifying the body of Christ. My gifts are preaching and teaching the word of God. My goal in everything I do is that you hear God in my words and you see God in my actions. I am not perfect but I am being perfected as God has called me to pick up my cross and follow after Him. I pray this blog will challenge you for the cause of Christ.

Caught In The Act!

John 8:3 “As (Jesus) was speaking, the teachers of religious law and Pharisees brought a woman they had caught in the act of adultery. They put her in front of the crowd.”
The religious crowd seemed to be more interested in “catching” someone in their offense instead of “restoring” them. The religious crowd asked Jesus “Moses’ law says to kill her, what do you say?” Jesus stooped on the ground to write something. Many ask, “what did he write?” Wrong question. The right question is “why was Jesus on the ground?” He was on the ground because she was on the ground. You know the rest of this story.
This is the heart of Jesus…Restoration! When we fail, He doesn’t fail us. He simply says “re-do!” Matthew 12:20 says ” A bruised reed shall He not break, and smoking flax shall He not quench.”

How Close (Involved) Is God To Us?

James 4:8 “Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you” (kjv). All through the Bible, we see God is full of “action”. But here, we see that He “reacts” to how we act. Using the Old Testament Tabernacle, it shows that we (initiate) enter His gates with thanksgiving… we (initiate) enter His courts with praise… we (initiate) go to the brazen altar and laver… we continue to draw nigh to Him by going into the Holy Place among the candlestick, altar of incense and table of shewbread… then we find ourselves in the Holy of Holies where the Shekinah (Glory, Presence) of God is! What a great pattern to show us how prayer and worship works. If we approach God, He will sweep us into His presence!