Jesus is the first step. In everything we do. We want Jesus First.

Connecting with God is essential but we were also made to connect with others.



We believe the church is not somewhere you go, it’s something you are.
We know that God is moving through His church, and we want you to be a part of it.
There are several ways you can get involved.


At Family Harvest, we want to make it easy for you to connect with God and with others.
Our church is designed to be an open community, where anyone can
take ONE STEP CLOSER to Jesus and help others do the same.
We are excited to travel with you on this beautiful journey.


Guest Meal is a chance for us to hear your story and get to know you beyond, “Hi! How are you?”If you are new to Family Harvest, we want to invite you to sit down to a meal with us.
Water Baptism is going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heart-felt commitment to following Him. It’s the next step after salvation.
Child Dedication is a time when we honor our families. We commit as parents and as a church community to help raise our children to know and love Jesus.
Small Groups are a way for us to build more meaningful relationships at Family Harvest. Life is too hard to do it alone and we are better together.
Join a Team and discover your unique role at Family Harvest. What are you waiting for? Join a team and become part of a family where you belong. Worship, Operations, Kids, or Students.

Growth Track

Our Growth Track exists to give anyone a clear process into leadership at Family Harvest.
It’s a great place to start if you are new to our church.

Join Family Harvest

Learn more about becoming a member of Family Harvest.

Small Groups

Small Groups are the heart of Family Harvest. Everyone needs a connection with other Christ-followers.
Dive into a small group today!